Sunday 28th Jan at Millennium Orchard

The Millennium Orchard at Beverley Parks (download leaflet) will be the venue for an enjoyable day of apple tree pruning on Sunday 28th January (rescheduled from 14th Jan).


A team including Yvette Grindley from Pickering Road Orchard and Frith Farm will be there to offer guidance and make sure the day is enjoyable and runs smoothly. If you’ve never pruned apple trees before don’t worry, all the direction will be given. The park is a beautiful space and has over 100 apple trees at last count. As the name suggests it was planted early in the millennium, and was managed by the WI. It is hoped that a good prune now will improve the yield in the autumn. The orchard is public access, so you’ll be able to pick the apples when they’re ready!

The sessions will begin around 10am and probably go on until about 3pm. Please bring a packed lunch, and if you have them, secateurs and gardening gloves. Pairs of goggles should be available to comply with health and safety.  Should you want more details, require a lift to get there, or are unsure about directions call me (John) on 07476 293999. Everyone welcome, see you there!