MAN Summit – Workshops and programme

There is still time to register for the Mutual Aid Network Summit starting tomorrow 5th September. There will be 6 days of workshops and activities which offer practical introductions to the tools and mechanisms of exchange brought together within the Mutual Aid Network. 

If the Mutual Aid Network concept seems a bit abstract at this point, this is what the summit is about! Coming together, learning more about it and the international pilot sites involved (including Hull), sharing knowledge, having time to think and talk about applications in our communities and starting the visioning and practical steps to work towards this. Basically the MAN is about reducing our reliance on money and building a collaborative ‘parallel’ economy to enable us to share skills, resources and goods in a way which is easy to navigate and broadens opportunities for collaboration beyond our immediate circles and networks. Which of course is what the Growers’ Network itself is all about! 


Click here to see and download the programme 
Click here to see and download the workshop descriptions (also set out below) 
Click here to register (this helps with planning food)

Please note the links to programme and workshops are google docs which will be continually updated so keep checking back for any changes. If you have questions call or text Kate on 07545 696007.

The MAN European Summit promises to be a really exciting week. Register here:  We look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,
The Growers’ Network Team